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Cold Gritting Adhesive 5 Litre

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Cold Gritting Adhesive 5 Litre

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Our 5 Litre Cold Gritting Solution from Cromar is a solvent based, cold applied bituminous adhesive for bonding chippings to flat or low-pitched roofs.



 Issue 5 – December 2012

Description: A solvent based, cold applied bituminous adhesive for bonding chippings to flat or low pitched roofs. The adhesive is supplied ready to use and must not be diluted or heated. It is designed to bond a wide variety of aggregates to built-up felt and mastic asphalt roof surfaces. It then provides a final solar reflective, weatherproof and damage resistant surface. Chippings compatible with Cold Gritting Adhesive include:-

  • Limestone
  • Granite
  • White calcined spar
  • Flint
  • Gravel
  • Slate mineral chippings

Colour: Black

Method of Application: Cold Gritting Adhesive should be applied by stiff brush, mop or squeegee. To avoid thickening in cold weather, store Cold Gritting Adhesive in a warm room overnight prior to use.

Instructions: Cold Gritting Adhesive is suitable for roofs with up to a 10º slope. All surfaces must be free from oil, dirt, dust and loose debris. The surface should be preferably dry although the product may be applied to a damp but not wet or waterlogged surface. The compound should be spread evenly direct from the container in convenient areas of 20m² at a time. Do not allow pooling of the solution or the covering to be too thin. The chippings should be applied immediately into the wet film. Care should be taken not to over-chip and to ensure that the chippings cover the film shoulder to shoulder. Proceed to the next 20m² area. Leave the completed areas for at least 72 hours and then lightly brush off any excess chippings. Do not leave any blank film exposed.

 Coverage: The coverage per litre is dependent upon the size of the chippings to be bonded:-

  • Chipping sized 3-9mm – 1.8m² per litre
  • Chipping sized 12mm – 1.3m² per litre

Cleaning Tools: Tools may be cleaned with White Spirit. Minor spillages should be wiped off surfaces immediately before the product has set. Major spillages should be mopped up immediately with an inert, absorbent material, such as sand and disposed of in accordance with regulations.

Container Size: 5 & 25

Storage: Minimum 12 months in undamaged, tightly sealed containers. Containers must be kept sealed and stored away from sources of heat and ignition.

Health & Safety: Please refer to health & safety data sheet on Cold Gritting Adhesive.

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