Green roofs are rapidly becoming more popular these days, mainly due to their many benefits (if you’re not sure what a Green Roof is check out the Instagrufe GrufeKits by clicking here). In fact some places like San Francisco, Singapore and Copenhagen are even introducing legislation requiring their installation on new commercial and large residential developments. The popularity of them in the UK has definitely grown over the past couple of years, but the largest proportions have been installed in the Greater London area.

This begs the question, should the UK government introduce similar measures to ensure more Green Roof installations? There is a lot of evidence that points to this being an excellent idea as larger and larger areas have been urbanised in UK, and many more are currently in the process of doing this. There would be many benefits to this type of legislation, both environmental and economic. Here are just some of those benefits:

  • - helps the surrounding environment by providing wildlife habitats
  • - absorbs CO2, pollution and more from the atmosphere
  • - helps to improve air quality and environment
  • - improved sound and thermal insulation
  • - can help reduce “heat island” effect in urbanised areas
  • - helps protect the roof and its structure from the UV light and heat of the sun
  • - can increase space and provide new natural amenity areas
  • - helps lower energy costs and save money
  • - can increase the value of the development

So given the above points it seems logical that implementing this type of legislation would be a huge step forward in many ways, but what do you think? Let us know if you have any thoughts on this subject, and if you are interested in looking into getting a Green Roof why not have a look at the Instagrufe GrufeKits by ANS Global on Roofing Supplies 4u!