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Rubber Tiles

Rubber Promenade tiles from Castle Composites

Castleflex Interlocking Rubber Promenade tiles are manufactured from recycled SBR (Styrene-Butadiene Rubber) and are available in 500 x 500mm size. Castleflex tiles can be used on different surfaces balconies, flat roofs, walkways, playgrounds and many other applications.

Castleflex Rubber Promenade Tiles

Castleflex tiles are available in their standard size 500 x 500 x 30mm and are supplied with 4 interlocking pins per tile for laying. When the tiles are laid in a brick bond formation with the interlocking pins they form a large mat meaning they only need to be adhered to the surface around the outside edges where an up stand does not exist. Castleflex Premium Tiles are more than sufficient for use on flat roofs and balconies. However for those who would like something extra special we have Castleflex EPDM range. Castleflex EPDM tile size is also 500 x 500 x 30mm (interlocking) and is manufactured from virgin rubber only.

As no recycled rubber is used within the EPDM range a wider choice of colour is available as well as our mixed colour options: Beige, Black, Mid Grey, Sunburst Fleck, Sea Blue and Grey Fleck. The EPDM tile has a near identical drainage channel design as the Castleflex Premium Tiles.

EPDM Rubber Tiles

As the EPDM option contains only virgin rubber they are a more expensive product but they do create a unique surface finish. They are also a more UV stable product and perform slightly better on flammability and smoke classification. EPDM is an abbreviation of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer.

Our EPDM tiles have a top layer as per your colour choice. The remainder of the tile will also be EPDM rubber in black. Installation is very easy and simple; you can do it yourself instead of paying someone else to do it. Adhesive can be applied but is used in areas with strong winds and bad weather if using outside.

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