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Snow Guards & Brackets

The Snow Guard can also known as a slate Guard or Tile guard and is suitable for new builds and refurbishment projects and offers high levels of weather resistance thanks to its galvanized finish. 

A Snow Guard is a great answer to prevent slipping snow and tiles on pitched roofs. They are simple and easy to install with the use of different brackets provided for different finishes and come in two different heights 6” inch (150mm) and 9” inch (225mm) and are made in 2 metre lengths per Snow Guard.

There are three types of brackets you can buy for the Guards and they are all available in both 150mm and 225mm sizes to match the type of guard brought. One sits outside the gutter so any debris would fall in to the gutter, this would mainly be used where gutter is standard half round. One that sits inside the gutter so protects the gutter from falling objects, this shape is made to use with ogee Guttering. Lastly there is a galvanized V Snow Guard Bracket, this bracket would be used for fixing directly to the rafters where no guttering is used.

We also sell secure fixing galvanized tying wire. This comes in 30 metre lengths. It’s a multi-purpose wire which is used for securing the Snow Guard to the brackets by threading wire through bracket fixing it to the guard, it also produces a better looking finish. Guards are mainly used alongside any walk way next to roof edge where debris could potentially fall from the roof, especially if you have a roof sloping down to a glass or conservatory roof that needs protection.

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